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Amazing Anatomy

Amazing Anatomy is a health education program that aims to educate, encourage and inspire enthusiasm for children to optimise their health and well-being and make informed healthy decisions.

The current program is designed for pre - school to grade 2 aged children. However this can be adapted to cater for the educational needs of varied age groups.

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Our Program

Amazing Anatomy is a health education program that teaches children basic anatomy and mindfulness in a fun and interactive way, whilst explaining the benefits of healthy choices, and offering strategies to adopt a positive mindset and embrace and trust their own amazingness!

Knowledge is power!

The program meets the Victorian preschool and primary school curriculum requirements, so reduces the burden for teachers. The current program is delivered as a 60 minute in-class session, is most suitable for children aged 4-8 years old, and is slightly adapted to meet the learning needs and requirements of each class.

Amazing Anatomy isn’t restricted to the classroom! The program is available to every child! Home schooling groups, community groups (like Scouts or Girl Guides), cafés, markets and any other group or event!

The program is delivered by enthusiastic and engaging qualified health professionals, who have extensive knowledge of human anatomy and function, health implications and mindfulness.

Rationale for the program

We are in a health epidemic. Our children are on the trajectory to not outlive their parents.

Marketing and advertising make unhealthy foods and drinks seem like a normal part of a well-balanced diet and a very tempting offer.

As Dr David Luwig states “it’s one thing for someone to develop obesity at age 45, diabetes at 55 and heart disease at 65. But what if the clock starts ticking at 10?"

Let’s give children the knowledge, tools and strategies so they will be empowered to make informed choices and embrace health and wellness.

By explaining HOW our body systems work children can understand WHY health choices matter. Let’s help them set up the foundations that will form amazing habits!

Meet Kerstyn

Hi, I’m Kerstyn and I am a qualified nurse, mother and the founder and CEO of Amazing Anatomy. I obtained my Bachelor Degree in Nursing, graduating from Monash University in 2003. I started my nursing career at Epworth Hospital in Richmond, working predominately in the Cardiac Ward. I also spent time working in the Vascular, Thoracic and Plastics Ward and the Rehabilitation Ward. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Epworth and the knowledge and skills I acquired whilst working there. I then returned to Latrobe Valley and continued my nursing work at the local hospital and at a local doctors’ clinic; where my role was in chronic disease management. I then continued my work in preventative health, working on an early intervention in chronic disease management project and work-health checks. I have also worked in district nursing and continue to work casually in aged care. I have been very fortunate to have worked in such diverse nursing roles. I value the opportunities and experiences I have received, each unique and each allowing me to connect, care, support and nurture people in their health journey.

I am also the extremely proud mother of two extraordinary daughters, who light up my life!

I always knew I wanted to help children, and through being a mother, I was led to identify how that help would unfold.

I’ve always been interested in learning about health, and am a very firm believer in “prevention is better than cure”. I feel very strongly about protecting the health and wellbeing of children, and doing what I can to help them have a future of excellent health, and so Amazing Anatomy was born!

Up to the age of 7 is a critical time for children to set strong foundations. Research shows that the knowledge, habits and values children learn prior to the age of 7 have lifelong implications, the choices they make and the values they hold are hardwired from the knowledge gathered when these neuropathways were developing. And because this is an important age in a child’s physical development, it is a critical time to ensure they are provided with optimal health and lifestyle options to give them the best possible start to life.

Through health knowledge, tools and strategies being taught in childhood, we are setting children up with the solid foundations to create positive health habits that can lead to improved health outcomes for their future.


In 2018 Amazing Anatomy was awarded a grant from the Latrobe Health Assembly. This grant allowed Amazing Anatomy to offer free health education sessions to preschools, primary schools and community groups within Latrobe Valley, and for new props to be purchased to enhance the interactive learning.

Amazing Anatomy participated in the We Are Latrobe Festival in March 2019; a wonderful community event, showcasing the Valley’s diversity, and celebrating the great places, people and career opportunities in our great region.

In early 2019 Kerstyn was selected to be a participant of Startup Gippsland; a 12 week program supporting local entrepreneurs to scale their businesses and ignite Gippsland’s startup ecosystem. Kerstyn attended workshops and events to gain further business insight and skills, and received invaluable support and knowledge from her business mentor Angela Todd. The program concluded with a Pitch Showcase in June.


Results from surveys and focus groups.

Amazing anatomy meets these areas of the curriculum.